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Matchbox Box Types

"A" Series Moko Box 1953-1954


Only the first seven models were issued with this box. The word "MOKO" appears in script lettering, while "LESNEY" is in block letters. 

"A" Series End Flap

Just a plain blue end flap without a part number.

"B" Series Moko Boxes B1-B5 1954-1960

Very similar to the "A" box but the Moko script lettering was replaced with a capital letter version. Full range of models produced as this box was in use for seven years with five end flap variations.

"B1" Series End Flap

Same as the "A" box end flap, just plain blue.

"B2" Series End Flap

All the "B" series boxes are very similar but do differ in size due to the models becoming bigger over time. What does distinguish each type quite clearly is the end flap. This version has the model number stamped in black.

"B3" Series End Flap

Same as the B2 but the black model number now appears in a white circle.

"B4" Series End Flap

Similar to the B3 end flap, but now the model name is added in a white rectangular panel.

"B5" Series End Flap

Similar to the B4 endflap, but the model name is added in white without a panel. Some new releases will have "New Model" text to the end flaps.

"C" Series Lesney Box 1961 

Similar to the B5 box but the Moko name has been dropped due to Lesney being in complete control by dropping moko distributors. 

"C" Series End Flap

Basically the same as the B5 box with new releases having "New Model" text to the end flaps.

"D" Series Box 1961-1965

The first of the picture boxes introduced in 1961. A few boxes have a round target. The target shows the special features of the model for example the 17d, 33b and 71b. These were issued with a yellow (1st issue) and white (2nd issue) target.

"D" Series End Flap

Model number and name in white with new releases having "new model" added. There are D1 serif lettering &  D2 non-serif lettering.

"E" Series Boxes E1-E4 1965-1968

There are several versions of this box and again usually distinguished by the end flap. The main difference from the D box is the full curved Matchbox logo with a smaller "series" tucked in beneath it. Many of the boxes show pre-production coloured models which never matched the models inside.

"E1" Series End Flap

Similar to the D box with model number and name in white.

"E2" Series End Flap

Similar to the E1 with a line drawing of the model inside a white circle.

"E3" Series End Flap

The first box type to feature a picture model on the end flap with the model number in a central position.

"E4" Series End Flap

Similar to the E3 end flap with the Matchbox logo added in red and the model number moved to the left side.

"F" Regular Wheel Series Box 1969

Major changes here with the model picture much larger due to the Matchbox logo running in a straight line along the top. Has the "series" text in various positions at the top of the box & there are varying Lesney information base fonts. This is the final style of regular wheel boxes. Four F boxes were never made in this series 20c, 30c, 35b and 69b but there are subsequent F style Superfast boxes if you're looking to fill gaps.

"F" Series End Flap

End flap now in yellow with a good size picture of the model

"F1" Superfast Box 1970

These are basically regular wheel F boxes but with a red superfast flash to denote a superfast model. They were produced in the early transistional period purely because Lesney didn`t have time to print an updated superfast box until later on. The Superfast models were more important than the boxes to produce because of the Hot Wheels invasion in the late sixties. Only six of these box types were produced; 14d, 15d, 33c, 41c 62c & 67b 

"F1" Superfast End Flap

Basically a regular wheel box but with a superfast red flash added.

"F2" Superfast Box 1969-1970

Similar to the F1 but most of the boxes actually show a superfast model. There are a few exceptions such as the 50c, 66c & 74b but they will all have a superfast flash in black. There are couple of exceptions such as the MB8e and MB62c early issues which show a superfast model without a superfast logo. These were generally released with a regular wheel model inside.

"F2" Superfast End Flap

Similar to the F1 superfast but with logo in black rather than red.

"G" Regular Wheel Series Box 1970-1971

These coincided with superfast G boxes to give a full range of 75 models available in the same box type. There were only five produced as these models were considered unpractical to transform into superfast. RW Models in these boxes are 16d, 39c, 40c, 61b & 65c.

"G" Regular Wheel End Flap

Picture end flap showing model in full detail.

"G" Superfast Box 1970-1973

The first dedicated box for Superfast models. Very colourful with the superfast flash in line with the Matchbox logo. There are variations; with & without "NEW" text to the end flaps, TM marks & Lesney base text variants.

"G Superfast End Flap

The same as the G regular wheel but with the superfast logo.

"H" Superfast Box 1970-1972

Similar to the G boxes, but the superfast logo has dropped below the Matchbox name and a speedy wheel has been added to the end of the Matchbox logo. Model number now appears below the superfast font instead of the top right corner. There are variations mainly to the model number. They are black with & without new and with & without a border.

"H" Series End Flap

The H range has a colourful end flap with the model number in a yellow rectangle and speedy wheel included in the logo.

"I" Superfast Box 1971-1974


Similar to H boxes but the superfast wheel logo has been dropped. Rola-matics are introduced in this range so the logo is included on applicable boxes. Model numbers are black with & without new and with & without a border.

"I" Superfast End Flap

Similar to H with the model number appearing in a white rectangle rather than yellow.

"J" Superfast Box 1974-1976


A more colurful box with distinctive Streakers, Superfast & Rola-matic logos. There are variations such as with and without "NEW" & text differences.

"J" Superfast End Flap

Colourful end flap with Streakers, Superfast or Rola-matic logo included.

"K" Superfast Box 1976-1982

Similar to J boxes but without the Superfast, Rola-matic & Streakers logos

"K" Superfast End Flap

Similar to the J type boxes.

"L" Superfast Box 1977-1982

This is the last Lesney picture box to be produced. Variations include with and without "new", striker side texts & pictures. This is the only picture box to include model pictures on the striker sides.

"L" Superfast End Flap

Similar to K boxes.

"M" Superfast Box 1981-1982

Over looked by many because its a generic type box but it was still used for the full range at the time. Still in use when production moved to Macau with the Universal takeover.

"M" Superfast End Flap

Generic to the whole range with model name and number printed in black.