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We know how important it is to have a toy in perfect and original condition.
That's why all our toys are 100% original and in as near perfect condition as we can find.
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Frequently asked questions

1] If I find a toy I want to buy, how do I know if it's in stock?

Only current stock is displayed on the website and it's updated everyday. In the
unlikely event of an item being sold before we have updated then we will
Contact you asap and give you first refusal when another comes available.

2] I have placed an order and certain items are still showing that they are availiable, why is that?

Purely because we have more than one of that particular item in stock so don't worry!

3] Do your prices include post and packing?

Due to the worldwide market, varying physical size and weight to our products and potential multiple purchases all orders do not include handling and shipping costs. Upon receipt of order we will contact you and confirm total cost. We do assure you our rates are competitive and are purely there to cover actual shipping and packing costs.

4] What payment methods can I use?

If you reside in the UK, we accept personal cheques, postal orders, cash
[by registered mail], paypal and credit cards. If you live outside the UK we accept credit cards, paypal, stirling money orders/cheques and cash stirling only.

5] I have reservations about using my credit card on-line

There is no need to worry as you wonít be using it on-line. Just simply telephone the details to + 44 [0]1252 643582 or supply the details over two separate emails to